Cutting Edge Technology

A reliable IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of any business and maintaining it will require professionals and sometimes it is just not cost-effective to have your own in house IT support staff. This is where we come in. Acrotechnique’s team can enhance and maintain your existing IT infrastructure or design you a completely new one. Below are just some of the types of service you can expect to receive.

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Networking Services

Server Services

From upgrading your existing server to setting up a new one we can help you. We can assemble a custom ordered HP or IBM server or custom build you an Intel certified solution to suit your requirements. We also provide the following:

  • Server Hardware and OS administration
  • Storage, Backup and Restoration Management
  • Application and Device Management
  • Quality, Change, Problem, and Incident Management

Remote management Services

Maintaining and monitoring your IT infrastructure is a full-time job in itself. We can alleviate your worries by monitoring your network and systems remotely. With our remote management services, we are able to provide remote monitoring of your firewall's effectiveness, install any required updates and service packs, and check on your pc's security and resolve virus attacks. This also includes:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports
  • Instantaneous alerts on virus attacks and pc failures
  • Updates and service pack deployment on the entire network
  • Pre-requisite security checks before a computer joins the network

Networking and Wireless Communications

Whether you are setting up a new network or moving your office which needs to be networked again, or you just need a wireless connection on top of your existing network. We can manage all aspects of your network. With experience in workgroups, Active Directory and Novell we are able to provide you with options when it comes to deciding which network you require. Acrotechnique can also provide VPN solutions if your business requires a connection to a remote office or a remote user. We also offer: